Losing Weight With Whole Foods in 2017

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Has weight loss been a struggle for you? Do you find yourself wanting to lose weight but you just don't know how? Are you tired of being a slave to your scale?

You aren't alone! There are many people, millions in fact, that are feeling the exact way you are right now. These are people who want to lose weight, they are people who want to be healthy, but like you they are struggling. Between work and family it is hard to find time for yourself, it is even harder when you have to worry about counting calories, eating foods you are unfamiliar with, and trying to find an easy way to start losing weight.

Whole foods are natural, they are clean foods, they are foods that will heal and nourish your body. And because they can do all of these things, whole foods have the ability to help you lose weight effortlessly.

When the body has what it needs, everything else will follow.

In this course, you will get everything you need to start having success with whole foods.

  • Determine Your Whole Food Goal
  • Figuring Out Your Biggest Obstacle
  • Finding Your Mindset
  • The Importance of Eating Light to Heavy
  • Why You Should Always Choose Organic
  • How to Plan Your Whole Food Meals
  • Grocery Shopping Success
  • Supplies You Might Need
  • Easing Into Your Transition

Sharon Smith
Sharon Smith
Senior Instructor

I am an awareness expansion teacher who helps people learn the gift of whole-food, plant-based nutrition and elimination of toxins for optimal health and longevity. My teaching focuses on consciousness expansion and heart-centered living for optimal joy and inner peace. I believe in being the change I wish to see, and helps others rise to their highest potential on every level of their health and well being.

Join me on this journey in creating 2017 the healthiest year ever.